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WARNING: The following film is an adult film, made only for an adult audience. You must be 18+ years of age (21+ in some countries) or older upon purchasing this film. ESTIMATED SHIP DATE: February 28th


Cybersex: Illegal Upgrade (Coming Feb.)

Starring: Kevin Deckard, Koda IronBear & Scarlet Skies

Directed by Kevin Deckard


A hacker is illegally upgrading the poor, angering the Corporation. The corporation is constantly tracking everyone’s activity on the net, any concept of privacy has been completely destroyed. The Hacktivist has encoded a virus into his sperm so that those infected gain an organic firewall to avoid being detected on the Net. A hardboiled detective must stop him before things get out of hand.




Blu-ray: Full Uncut Film & Behind The Scenes


REMINDER: please be 18+ and know your country's import laws. If a package goes missing, returned or discarded due to import problems, it will not be replaced. This disc is a BD-r and all region, this disc may not play on certain players. ESTIMATED SHIP DATE: February 28th


Kevin Deckard's Cybersex: Illegal Upgrade - LE Blu-ray

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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