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SamHel is a multifaceted professional hailing from Los Angeles, CA, with a diverse skill set encompassing filmmaking, artistic expression, and writing. Initially adopting the moniker SamHel as an artistic pseudonym, it served as a vehicle for the creation of adult-oriented exploitation and transgressive art.

The genesis of SamHel's creative journey can be traced back to 2017 with the inception of the short film "An Ultraviolet Colour." Concurrently, the groundwork for the production entity A Baroque House began in 2018, leading to a collaborative endeavor where various aliases were utilized to represent the collective behind this provocative cinematic venture. Through a process of refinement and consolidation, the identity of SamHel emerged as the definitive creative force.

Embracing a distinctive aesthetic characterized by graphic, experimental, and unconventional themes, SamHel's portfolio extends across diverse mediums, including photography, literature, and visual art, all unified under the digital platform While the website serves as a hub for SamHel's creative output, it also showcases collaborative endeavors with fellow artists. However, the majority of the projects featured on the site bear the imprint of SamHel's involvement, either through direct creation or significant contributions towards realization.

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