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A new site and a new endeavour as we move out of california. A place for TRUE experimentation & documentation. This new site will birth visuals and non-narrative horrific elements, sci-fi, cyberpunk, drama arthouse creations and real true documentary shorts and features. Projects will have ONE limited edition release limited only 187 copies!


This Associate Producer credit gets your name on the film (locked in) a copy of the 187 release (access to purchase more at a AP discounted price, MAX 2 MORE), and a limited to CREW, CAST & AP Posters whether 11x17 or 24x36! This secures your credit, copy and poster. You will also get the link FIRST to the FUTURE website / store with 10% off the next merch drop, artistic creations.


With this AP credit you are helping the first film get funded and the website to go live! Name will be on the new site as "supporters"


This AP Credit does NOT get you: Rights to the film, final cut and/or footage.

There is NO set release date for the film. Being that filming relies on support from creation purchases, work and whatever ways to recieve income to make these. It could take a month it could take longer. So please be aware that there is no final end date for shooting and releasing, but you are gauranteed your copy, credit and poster.


There are NO refunds, unless we scrap the film/footage all together and we state its "NO LONGER HAPPENING."

Associate Producer Credit - Illusions of a Sky Tyrant

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